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Sask Collective

Sask Collective formerly the Etsy SK Team, was formed to promote local creatives.  It is run by 2 local artists and a very busy group chat!

Our history:

In 2014 Erin Pell was contacted by Etsy Canada about starting an Etsy team in Saskatoon so that Saskatchewan could be represented in their cross-country Etsy Made in Canada events. At its height Etsy Made In Canada events in 38 cities across the country every September.
Not wanting other local Etsy Sellers to miss out she said ...yes! After our first market, Erin reached out to like-minded creatives Susie Gourlay and Elaine Robitaille to join the fun. And we enjoyed organizing events and supporting our community so much that we began running Etsy Made in Canada events in both Saskatoon & Regina, as well as various pop-ups throughout the year. Based in different cities we each take on the organization of our local events with the support of each other.

If we're counting correctly we organized our 31st market since 2014 as of June 2023!

Present Day:

In 2024 we felt we had outgrown Etsy SK T team and decided to rebrand as Sask Collective to better reflect  our current situation and how we'd like to move forward. Currently, our flagship event is our Spring Market in Saskatoon.


To keep up to date on our call for vendors be sure to join our vendor mailing list or our customer mailing list .

How does Sask Collective jury for sales?

We jury based on a few criteria:
- Quality
- Originality - Show us you are one-of-a-kind (avoid trademarked items)
- All handmade items must be handmade by YOU
- Great attitude 
- Social Media presence
- Variety is key, does your work fit within the sale and suit our type of sale. Over saturation in mediums (like jewellery) is inevitable so show us what makes you stand out.
- Presentation and professionalism - how do you promote your work
- Consistency 
- Our application must be filled out properly and completely - please provide proper links wherever possible

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